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Our company starts to produce and sale rice drinking straws which are made by our own machines

edible drinking straw, eco-friendly drinking straw, eatable rice drinking straw, rice drinking straw machine  DATE:2020/08/27

As a professional manufacturer of food machinery and equipment, Jinan Sunward Machinery Co., Ltd. has accumulated and absorbed a lot of valuable experience and outstanding talents in the industry. The company's R&D team continues to achieve innovative results. Especially in the development of edible rice straws, the company has taken the lead from the very beginning and has continued to make progress. 

 rice drinking straw production

From the first domestic manufacturer of edible rice straws equipment and obtaining customer recognition, to finding their own shortcomings, constantly overcoming problems, and constantly improving products. From production line design, to production, to testing, to acceptance, every link is strictly controlled. In addition to preparing the equipment, our company has also worked hard on the formula for the rice straw. The company's requirement for itself is to give customers a complete set of plans including equipment and mature formulas. Only when our technicians get qualified final products from the installed equipment can the installation be completed.

edible rice drinking strawEco-friendly drinking straw