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How about the prospect of edible rice drinking straw?

edible drinking straw machine, rice drinking straw plant, drinking straw machine manufacture  DATE:2020/07/27
How about the business of edible rice drinking straw

Environmental issues have become common issues facing the world. The temperature rise caused by the greenhouse effect, the ozone hole caused by excessive emission of Freon, the white pollution caused by the mass  plastic waste...It can be said that any of these problems may bring humans and even most of  Creatures  great disasters. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, countries are vigorously developing clean energy; in order to eliminate the impact of freon and other harmful gases, everyone is working hard to find alternatives; also in order to solve plastic waste, many countries have introduced plastic restrictions to force everyone to reduce the use of plastic products . I am an environmentalist, and I am very pleased to see that environmental issues are beginning to be taken seriously by the country and more people. Caring for the environment requires not only to formulate corresponding laws and regulations at the national level to restrain the public, but also to cultivate the concepts and habits of caring for the environment spontaneously. We can do a lot to save water, care for animals and plants, green travel, waste reuse..., and through our wisdom, we can do more.

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As an enterprise with more than 10 years of experience in food machinery manufacturing and exporting, Jinan Sunward Machinery  Co., Ltd., commissioned by a Vietnamese customer, began to develop this kind of edible straws (also called rice straws, because the raw materials are mainly rice). Production equipment. And finally relying on the company's accumulated technical strength for many years and the unremitting efforts of the company's research and development and production departments, successfully developed this kind of edible straw equipment. Due to the strong demand in foreign markets, there are countless people who follow the trend at a time, and many peers compete to imitate. But in fact, after imitating and exploring during this period, some powerful companies can indeed make straw products. But being able to do it, and being able to do it well, to realize the automatic mass production of the entire production line is another matter. Take our Jinan Sunward Machinery Co., Ltd. as an example. It took more than a year from when we produced the equipment he needed according to the customer's requirements to when we finally realized the automatic mass production of the entire production line.

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At the beginning, Vietnamese customers made straw equipment from us,because they had their own formula (this is a very important factor in determining the success of the straw). Secondly, the customer's requirements are not very high, especially in the process of drying straws, the customer prefer to dry them naturally. This is difficult for most companies to accept, because it not only reduces production efficiency, but also requires more production space and manpower. Therefore, for all the bosses who want to seize the opportunity and expand into new fields, when looking at the production of rice straws, they should let the manufacturer set up the entire production line and see the finished product that meets the requirements, not the semi-finished product, and not use the prepared straws placed on the production line for shooting.

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