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Does the edible rice drinking straw can be eaten?

edible drinking straw machine, rice drinking straw plant, drinking straw machine manufacture  DATE:2020/07/31

Does the edible rice drinking straw can be eaten?

Now the pollution is very severe in most of the world, more and more countries and people start to have the awareness of protect our environment. So the eco-friendly edible drinking straw come to our lives. Thus many people want to ask whether they can be eaten really? And if they can be eaten, how do they be tasted? As an employee of the industry, Today let me tell you the answer.

various flavor edible drinking straws

Because the edible rice drinking straws are made of natural grain flour, so they are not only biodegradable, but also can be eaten. The original taste like the fried snacks rice crust, but with time, there are many delicious flavor edible drinking straws appear. As a professional manufacture of this kind of machines, we have accumulated many experience in the industry. We not only research and develop many high quality this kind of machines, but also create many fabulous formula of the edible rice drinking straws. There are chocolate flavor, watermelon flavor, pineapple flavor, strawberry flavor and so on. 

different taste edible rice straw chocolate flavor drinking straws

strawberry flavor drinking straw