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operating manual for mixer

mixer,etxurder  DATE:2017/09/18

operating manual for mixer

1. The function of mixer is to mix all material that the etxurder need into homogeneity though striring.. When using the mixer,  put all material in the mixer and lid the cover. Then filla certain amount of water or liquid additives though the injection hole. Run the machine, around 3-4 minutes all material are fully mixed. After that, open the bin outlet to rease the material automaticlly. Drive the machine while the material is released, which can be used for quick release and improve the efficiency.The mixing machine and material contact part all adopt stainless steeland the outlet adopts a new handle open structure designThe sealing effect is good, avoiding the material lackage problem of the general mixer.

2. Do not put metal objects into the mixer. During the machine runing, do not put  hand into the mixer.When cleaning the mixer, cut off the power supply and hang the "no closing" warning signs.

3. After a certain time woringl, if there is a belt slack phenomenon, it should  tight the belt and then fxied the motor floor screw in case of loose.

4. The machine should be connected to the earth when connected to power supply and check regularly.The power supply shall have a switch no less than 10A s o as to be separated from the power supply when necessary.The finished product should be used daily to prevent spoilage