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Jinan Sunward Machinery Co., Ltd is an industry and trade integrated enterprise. The company is committed to R & D extrusion machinery and related ancillary equipment. It is covering mainly machinery and equipment for corn meal milling system, corn flakes/breakfast cereal system, baby food system, corn puff snacks system, pellets system, artificial rice system,soy nuggets system,edible rice drinking straw system; as well as pet food/fish food system.

As a long-established food and feed machine company, Jinan Sunward Machinery Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experience in the industry. Moreover, it has attracted a large number of high-tech talents virtue of its enlightened corporate culture and strong financial strength. So far, there are nearly 200 employees in 7 departments. Including the product development department, production department, quality inspection department, domestic sales department, international sales department, technical department, and logistics department. The company's products have maintained the top three domestic market shares. Because of its early development and obvious product advantages, it has left its peers far behind in forein markets. Now there are 100 countries' people is using our equipment include our agents' clients. Not only can our after-sales engineers provide on-site service, our agents in India, Nigeria and Peru can also help our customers quickly solve their problems. In addition to continuing to maintain our advantages in the fields of snack machinery and pet/fish food machinery, our products are now rapidly taking the lead in the field of environmentally friendly products such as edible straw machinery. I believe that relying on our company's strong technical strength and the joint efforts of all employees, we can make our products better and provide more considerate customer service.

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