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Introduction and maintenance of seasoning equipment

of seasoning equipment,of the seasoning equipment  DATE:2017/12/06

Introduction and maintenance of seasoning equipment

  Introduction and operation of the seasoning equipment: put the seasoning material in the hopper of the seasoning machine, nylon screw of the seasoning machine with convey the seasoning material evenly and continuously.When the material near the outlet, there is high pressure air enters to blow the sauce away and spread evenly on the feed. The motor adopt stepless speed regulation. It can adjust the speed of seasoning material feeding. Adjust the air intake to disperse the seasoning material. No need too much gas to avoid to seasoning material flow too far.

 The equipment should be cleaned timely when the equipment turn off to avoid the material harden in the feeding tube,  Grab the tail of the nylon screw and rotate it to remove the nylon screw from the back end and then clean it.

  Note: when the equipment running,, it is forbidden to enter  the hand and other other foreign matter in the hopper. The stepless speed regulating device can only adjust the speed when it is running. When the motor stops rotating, it must not twist the wheel.

  Daily maintenance: check the oil quantity of the speed reducer regularly. If the oil quantity is detected through the inspection hole, it should be added timely. Check the tightness of the chain regularly and adjust it.