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The feeding tips of fish feed

fish feed  DATE:2017/12/30


The feeding tips of fish feed

The scientific and reasonable feeding method, not only is it conducive to the healthy growth of fish, but also it could save feed, and effectively improve the efficiency of fish farming.

Compound feed, the diameter of feed pellet is usually 2.5-8mm, and the length is usually 5-10mm.

To choose suitable feed pellet according to the size of fish, and also, pay attention to the protein content in the feed for different kind of fish.

Herbivorous fish require feed protein content of 25% -30%, omnivorous fish 30% -35%, carnivorous fish 35% -45%.

The feed can be put directly on the food table, according to the feeding principle of "less - more - less" and "slow - fast - slow".

To adjust feed rate timely,according to the seasonal changes.

The water temperature in Spring is low, the fish eat less, So the feeding should be appropriate. when the water temperature rose above 15 , the amount of feeding can be gradually increased, the rate of feed control on the 1%.

The water temperature in Summer rose to about 20 , the daily feed rate can be controlled at about 3%, but this time is also a season of fish disease multiple, pay attention to adequate feeding. Water temperature rose to 25 -30 , fish appetite, growth accelerated, to increase the ration, the feed rate can be controlled at 4% -5%.

In autumn, the weather turns cooler and the water temperature decreases. However, the water quality is still stable and the fish continue to grow. The feeding rate should be kept at 3% -4%.

In winter, the consumption of fish decreases. When the weather is fine (the water temperature is above 8 ), a small amount of feed still needs to be fed in order to maintain the fullness of the fish.

The fish feed should be properly kept.if the feed damp ,then it can not be directly fed.It needs to be dried firstly, and then feeding; If the feed is degenerate, then it should not be fed any more ,to prevent fish poisoning after eating feed.