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The production process of baking corn chips

corn chips,corn flake  DATE:2018/01/29

The production process of baking corn chips

(1)Pressure cooking.Put the corn grit which without germ and its size is about 1/3 of corn grain into the rotary drum-type high-pressure cooking pot, while adding sugar ,salt and other seasonings, as well as water so that the  moisture content of corn grit is about 35% to 45%. Then steam for 1 to 2 hours in 174Kpa condition, until the corn grit completely gelatinized.To judge gelatinization degree with eyes,when the corn grit is translucent,then it is ok.

(2)Drying.After cooking, reduce the pressure of the steamer, clear corn grit out from the reticular outlet by centrifugation of pot.The corn grit grope made during the cooking process was broken up.Then send corn grit through the conveyor into the dryer, so that the water down to about 20%.

(3)Rolled sheet.The corn grit is cooled to 30 ° C ~ 40 ° C and then sent to a sheet rolling machine. The sheet rolling machine is composed of a pair of stainless steel light rolls with roll rotation speed of 180~200 revolutions per minute, rolling the corn grit into 0.7~1 mm thickness of chips.

(4)Baking.The rolled corn chips are baked in an oven at 302 ° C for 50 seconds or 288 ° C for 2 to 3 minutes to reduce the moisture to less than 3%. After cooling and seasoning, the golden color and crisp baked bread are obtained corn flake