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Advantages of a steam dryer

steam dryer,Drying  DATE:2018/08/07

Advantages of a steam dryer

1.The whole machine drive adopts double-pitch roller chain transmission, reciprocating drying, stable operation, no jamming phenomenon, the transmission adopts adjustable speed motor, and the speed regulation range is wider and applicable.

2. Drying temperature can be adjusted and the drying effect is excellent.

3.Feature: high-efficiency, energy-saving combustion system, heat source distribution is reasonable, the material is evenly heated, low energy consumption, large output.

4. The main machine of the dryer is mainly composed of the main components such as the equalizing machine, the feeding section, the drying section, the discharging section, the conveyor belt and the supporting legs.

5. The material is evenly spread on the conveyor belt by swinging from the left and right sides of the spreader, and the fabric range of the spreader is adjustable.

6, five-layer horizontal conveyor belt to ensure that the material is fully uniform, thorough drying and can significantly reduce the rate of breakage.

7. The dry circulation air passage composed of the outer door and the inner door can be combined according to the needs of the inlet and outlet.

8. The drying time and air volume of the material in the machine can be controlled according to the needs of the customer.

9. An access door is installed on the front of the equipment to facilitate daily maintenance and overhaul.