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Jinan Sunward is a long-established food machinery company

snack food machine animal feed machine soy protein machine  DATE:2019/10/24

As a long-established food machinery company , Jinan Shengrun has accumulated rich experience in the industry . It attracts a large number of high-tech talents basing on the enlightened corporate culture and strong financial strength .The domestic market share of the company's products has remained at the top three . The rivals are far behind in foreign markets , because of  our early development and obvious product advantages . There are more than 100 countriespeople are using our machines now ,together with the clients of our agents . Our products are now rapidly taking the lead position in the field of environmentally friendly products machinery ,such as edible straws machinery ,and lead the market ,besides continuing to maintain our advantages in the fields of snack food machine , animal feed machine , and soy protein machine . We believe that relying on the company's strong technical strength and the joint efforts of all employees , we can make products better and make customer service more thoughtful .