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nutritional rice for special people baby patient

nutritional rice, artificial rice, special people diet food, diabetic diet, patient diet  DATE:2020/07/11

Nutritional fortified rice is a finished rice made by adding some nutrients that the human body lacks or needs to ordinary rice. The nutrient fortifier used for rice fortification contains various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Intensified nutrition rice makes rice nutrition more balanced, can guarantee consumers to obtain the basic nutritional requirements including micronutrients, and gradually control and eliminate the two major malnutrition of insufficient nutritional intake and nutritional imbalancenutritional rice

Nutritional rice can also be specially formulated to make a special meal suitable for special people , such as babies and patients, diabetics. Some large hospitals are already using our nutritional rice equipment to make special nutritional rice for patients and more clients use our plants to produce baby food.

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