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30 sets of Fortified rice machines shipped to India

fortified rice machine, fish feed machine, snack making production line, rice extruder manufacturer, India, fish feed extruder, puff snack extruder  DATE:2021/11/15

Due to the reputation of our company and the quality of our fortified rice plant, our rice machines are very popular in the Indian market. Now we have countless users and several distributors in India and most of all, we have a local service team to support our customers, so there are no concerns about do not know how to install and use our machines. Today, another 30 sets of fortified rice machines were shipped to one of our distributors. More than 70 sets of extruder machines have been shipped this month. They are fish feed machines for our Madagascan client, snack food machines for our Tanzanian client, and rice machines for our Indian client.

fortified rice machines ship to India