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Puffed Snacks Production Machine Line Manufacturing Corn Sticks in Ghana

corn snack production machine, snack making machine, snack production line, corn sticks manufacturing plant  DATE:2022/12/19
This is a puffed snack production line that was producing corn ball snacks in our Ghanaian client's factory. It can produce various corn snacks, and rice snacks such as corn sticks, cheese balls, and puffed rice. 

The capacity of this production line is 200-260kg/h. If you need a small capacity, then the TSE65 may suit you, as its capacity is 100-150kg/h. If you want a big capacity, there are TSE75, TSE85, and TSE95, and the capacity can reach 1200kg/h/extruder. Multiple extruders can multiply the output of a production line.

snack production line