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Indonesia Edible Rice Drinking Straws Made By Degradable Cutlery Production Machine Line

edible rice drinking straw machine, edible straw produciton line, edible cutlery manufacturing plant  DATE:2023/03/18

This is a biodegradable dinnerware production line that was producing edible rice drinking straws in one of our Indonesian client's factories. 

Video of the edible rice drinking straw production line working(Watch on Youtube).

The straws are made of corn, cassava, etc. natural flour, so they are not only eco-friendly but also can be eaten directly. In addition, to producing drinking straws, this production line also can make other edible cutleries such as knives, forks, and spoons. Pasta and some snacks can be made as well. The capacity of this production line is 100-200kg/h(about 10000-20000 pieces of straws/h can be made).

Below are edible rice drinking straws made by our machines: