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The influence of puffed floating fish food on water quality

The influence of puffed floating fish food on water quality and prospects

Using expanded puffed floating fish feed, can reduce the pollution of water quality.Floating fish feed can for a long time will not dissolve in water, quality of buoyancy floating fish feed time up to 12 hours, and easy to observe bait casting control, reduce or avoid the powder, and the rest of the remnant of water body pollution, for environmental protection and is very beneficial for the growth of fish.

Floating fish feed, has wide application prospect.Tell from the breeding way, puffing buoyancy fish feed has wide applicability, fish pond, rice-fish, flowing water fish, cages fish farming, factory can use buoyancy fish fish, big water aquiculture feed.Especially for the breeding density smaller ShanPingTang fish farming, rice-fish and large water aquiculture, with buoyancy fish feed than with other feed more has its superiority.

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