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Is the Puffed food bad for health?


Is the Puffed food bad for health?

In recent years, puffed food aluminum paint, lead paint problem gust, let many people buy scruples. Song bing bing, said there were several possible causes of heavy metal element to exceed bid, one is the processing and use of container, if the use of lead in the process of production tools and containers, will be the introduction of lead in food, lead to food lead paint. In addition, food additives, beyond the super limited compliance not use is another cause of aluminum paint. In October 2015, the newly revised \"food safety\" of food additives manufacturing enterprises to make specific provision: food additive shall be technically is necessary and after risk assessment proved safe and reliable, shall be included in the scope of allows you to use. Some have certain toxicity to strictly control the use of food additives, to ensure that long-term intake, safe and variety, scope of use of food additives, the maximum amount of detailed rules strictly.

Although the national food safety the new requirements of puffed food, but the song bing bing said, puffed food is still not eating for a long time. \"Because of the long-term eating high-energy, high-fat, high sugar, high salt food not only can cause obesity and a series of disease of heart head blood-vessel, puffed food in a large amount of sodium, sugar will directly affect the human body to absorb calcium, calcium in bone erosion leads to the human body.\"

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