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Is it "Non- Fried" food more healthy?

Is it "Non- Fried" food more healthy?
In recent years, a lot of puffed food packaging are marked with the words "non -Fried bake". Many consumers have formed a consensus: Fried food is not healthy, non-Fried food less harmful substances.
Song bing bing think, non- Fried is just a concept, many non- Fried puffed food, in order to make its crispy, tend to be high in saturated fat, which contains a lot of palmitic acid and stearic acid. Although do not need to be Fried, fat content is usually over 15%, some even as high as 30% above. Song bing bing said: "whatever process, for Fried and Fried food is healthy or not, cannot treat as the same. Because a lot of enterprises in the process of production of puffed food, mostly using hydrogenated vegetable oil, the oil stability is higher, but contain saturated fatty acids, long-term consumption of easy to cause cardiovascular disease. Many consumers think puffed food is not healthy, is refers to this."
Song bing bing, the choose and buy food without deliberate value concept "Fried" or "non-Fried", but should look more ingredients and composition table, try to choose low fat, low calorie, low content of sodium products. In addition, should also be selected does not contain hydrogenated vegetable oil food ingredients.

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