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Our TSE75 rice extruder exceeds the expected output in our Indian customer factory

fortified rice plant, nutrition rice machine, fortified rice machine, fortified rice production line, artificial rice making machine, rice fortification plant, frk plant, fortified rice extruder  DATE:2021/12/14

Due to different market demands, the fortified rice required in the Indian market is whiter in color compared with the general artificial rice. The whitish color is not only related to the raw materials and added nutrients, but also to the degree of puffing of the fortified rice during the production process. The same ingredients, the higher the puffing degree, the whiter the color. The degree of expansion also has a certain impact on the output. The same model of artificial rice machine, the higher the puffing degree, the higher the output. If you want to make artificial rice with the same appearance as natural rice, it cannot be puffed, so the output will be low. Therefore, when we report the output to our customers, we usually report the low output to the customer. For example, our TSE75 extruder produces man-made rice output. The output we reported to our customers is 200-300kg/h, but according to the requirements of fortified rice in the Indian market, the output can reach 350kg/h. The picture below is the feedback given by an Indian customer.