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Introduction and operation of air conveyor

conveyor,extrusion machines  DATE:2017/10/17


Introduction and operation of air conveyor

    It is a equipment that sending materials to next machine by air.

  Main Structures : air fan, feed hopper, tube,Unloading hopper. It is more useful when equipped with extrusion machines. It has the following advantages comparing with the hoister : longer conveyor distance and easier to placed

  The machine is a auxiliary equipment in the processing line. Pls wait for the fan to run at the begging, to avoid the formation of a host to open the feed too much and the fan is not open state.

    Safety Precautions: There should be a reliable ground wire when connecting the power supply. Pipeline installation should be fixed firmly, to avoid falling wounding.

   Maintenance: regular inspection of the fastening bolts are connected well, the air duct connection parts are leaked, found the problem in time to repair.

   Attention :don’t tap the conveyor tube with hard materials, or the tube would make deformation and the air leakage