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Brief Introduction of Twin Screw Extrusion Equipment

Twin Screw Extrusion Equipment, extrusion process  DATE:2017/10/24


Brief Introduction of Twin Screw Extrusion Equipment

The twin-screw extruding equipment is made of international advanced twin-screw extruding technology.The characteristics of the equipment are: according to the needs of the market, corn, rice, millet, black rice, mung bean, buckwheat, oat and other grains as raw materials, Equipment, forced extrusion, puffing, forming dry, fuel injection, spices and the corresponding auxiliary process from processing,

  Twin screw puffed through the world's most "hot", the most "high" feed processing technology. After the expansion of the grain, the volume is enlarged, the organization is fluffy, the taste is crisp, the starch is humitized, the water-soluble component is increased, it is easy to be absorbed and absorbed by the human body, and thus is popular among the consumers.

During the extrusion process, the material is placed in a sealed barrel with a screw (spindle), and with the forced advancement of the two intermeshing screws, the mechanical rolling, the shearing force inside the material, External heat, so that the material at high temperatures (temperature up to 150 ~ 200 ℃); and because the material is in a sealed state, with the seal volume changes and temperature rise and high pressure (pressure up to 10kg / cm ² above) , So that the material gradually become a hot rheological gel state, and get a lot of energy, change the original physical and chemical properties. When the material is extruded into the normal temperature and pressure state by the die, it is carried out in the direction of increasing the degree of confusion (ie, increasing the entropy). This not only increases the volume of the material, is conducive to the role of various enzymes, and starch, protein and other nutrients have occurred in varying degrees of degradation, soluble ingredients increased. So that the protein molecules from the spherical into a chain, and re-organization, with a sense of fiber state.