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FlavoringRoller introduction and operation

flavoring,FlavoringRoller  DATE:2017/12/16

Flavoring Roller introduction and operation: Put the matetia and the flavoring ine the roller and mixing them together and mixing uniformly. The drum can be rotated forwardly or reversely. When forwardly rotating should be slowly, when reversely should he faster. adjust the cylinder frame hoof feet can change the tilt of the drum, so as to adjust the food in the drum flip time. The longer the mixing the more uniform, but the higher the rate of fragmentation, turning time should be properly adjusted.

Safety Precautions: When connecting the power to the ground connection, fence fully solid. Do not allow your hand to reach into the drum while rotating. Do not strike the drum with any hard object.

Routine maintenance: Regularly check the work of the fastening bolts, check the reducer oil, check the rotation relaxation situation, in case of abnormalities should be promptly repaired. Check the maintenance should cut off the power and hang in the switch "no turnning on" brand.