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Difference between feed extruder and food extruder

feed extruder, food extruder  DATE:2018/03/21

Difference between feed extruder and food extruder

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Feed extruder and food extruder is the most basic aspect ratio of the screw, the internal shear kneading components set different. People eat puffed food is crisp taste, no one is eating puffed food for nutrition, food puffing is mainly based on the high starch content of cereal raw materials, such materials are easy to cook, so the extruder length and length ratio is short, the internal shear Cut kneading configuration weak.

The puffed feed produced by the animals is made for a long time. Even pet and ornamental fish require the protein and energy needed to maintain their growth. Therefore, the formula contains a certain amount of protein, fat, and starchy ingredients. These cooked, need more energy, so the extruder aspect ratio, internal shear kneading configuration stronger.

Therefore, the use of feed extruder to produce starch-based puffed food, a little waste, on the contrary with such food extruder to produce feed, not cooked or low yield.