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Advantages of steam drying machine

drying machine,drying  DATE:2018/04/03

Advantages of steam drying machine

1、 the transmission style of machine adopts double pitch roller chain drive. It runs back and forth smoothly. There is no blockage. The drive is adjustable speed motor with wide speed range and wide application range.

2、The drying temperature and time are adjustable. The drying result is better.

3、It equipped with high effective,energy-saving burning system.Reasonable distribution of heat source and uniform heat perception of materials; low consumption, but high capacity.

4、It made up of uniform feeder,feeding section, drying section, Discharge section,conveyor belt,standing food.


5、Through the swing of the uniform feeder, the material is evenly distributed on the conveyor belt, and the distributing range of the uniform feeder can be adjusted.

6、Five layers of horizontal conveying belt could guarantee uniform and thorough drying of material. And also, it could reduce crushing rate obviously.

7、The air drying circulation system is consisted of exterior door and inside door.The position of the inlet and outlet can be combined conveniently according to your requirements.