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Production process flow of jiangm strip molding machine

jiangm strip molding machine,extrusion technology, Extruder  DATE:2018/04/14

Production process flow of jiangm strip molding machine.

Traditional production line adopts advanced extrusion technology, by varying the mold and change the production process, ensure that operators more and better produce market popular small food, meet the demand of the market. The production line is small in area, flexible in configuration, easy to operate and highly adaptable. It is well received by the industry.

Process composition of extruded jiangm production line:

1. Flour mixing machine: separate the main material flour or add additives, mixing a certain amount of water to mix well.

2. Extruder: by extruding extruded products with long strips, flaky shapes and other shapes, the products with different thickness and thickness can be replaced.

4. Elevator: conveying products.

5. Automatic frying pan: there are two kinds of frying pan and fryer, which can be purchased according to the specific situation.

6. Seasoning line: there are octagonal tube, cylinder, lifting single drum and double drum seasoning line, and then spray the essence in the tube after frying.