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A vertical layout fish feed processing line of our client.

fish feed machine, fish food making equipment, fish feed plant, large capacity fish feed production line, medium fish feed machine, sinking and floating fish feed machine, fish feed maker  DATE:2020/12/08

Big output fish feed production line

Mr.Liu is the owner of the fish food plant. 3 years ago, Mr. Liu had the idea of setting up a fish feed factory, then he viewed many companies of fish feed machine, and finally picked out 5 comanies and visited them besides asked solusions and quotations. At the end, our fish feed production line stood out due to the exquisite designing and cost-effective. The layout is a vertical type which can take up less groud, so will reduce the cost of factory. That is a big part of cost in a big city. This fully depends on the cost of factory rent, if the cost is low, there is no sense to use the vertical layout, the horizontal layout is enough, besides the operation is more simple and the cost is lower. Mr.Liu's business of fish feed has been a well-known brand from obscurity in 3 years. Now the output can not meet the demand of the market, so Mr.Liu want to set up a large capacity fish feed production line again. The output of the fish feed production line that Mr.Liu owns is 1500kg/h, now we will provide the 3500kg/h output fish feed production line for Mr.Liu. Then the medium capacity of fish feed production can be used for making sinking fish feed and the large capacity fish feed processing line can be used for making floating fish feed(Both the tow fish feed production lines can make sinking and fish feed by adjusting the parameters of the main machine, namely the extruder machine).

fish feed plant