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Thanks our clients greeting cards and gifts

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I am very happy to receive New Year's cards and gifts from our South Korean customer today. It doesn't matter how many gifts are, but at least it shows that customers recognize our company, our products and our sales staff!

Eco-friendly rice drinking straw machine supplier

This is a customer who bought edible rice drinking straw processing line. The customer sent an inquiry about the product in April 2019. After more than two months of communication and learning, the customer came to the factory for on-site inspection. After seeing our factory and equipment on the spot, and the equipment can produce satisfactory drinking straws, the customer signed a purchase contract with us on the same day. Everything went smoothly. The entire rice straw production line was completed in less than a month and passed the double acceptance of the production department and the quality inspection department. After the customer received the machine, we sent our after-sale engineer to install and debug the equipment. Although the quality of the straws made by the customer was not very good at the beginning, and the customer was also very anxious, but after a period of exploration and the careful guidance of our technicians, the products made by the customer are getting better and better! Now, the customer’s edible rice straws have opened a market in South Korea. I am really happy to see customers make money with our equipment. As various countries in the world pay more and more attention to environmental protection, it is believed that the market for environmentally friendly rice straws will become larger and larger. With the auspicious words of our customers, I wish both our customers' and our wishes will come true! Thank you, Ryan!

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