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Shipment of big output pasta spaghetti machines for industrial use

pasta machine for industrial use, commercial spaghetti machine, large capacity macaroni machine, pasta processing line, macaroni production line, spaghetti plant, pasta maker, macaroni making equipment  DATE:2021/02/01

pasta spaghetti

2 pasta production lines were delivered to our clients after being finished assembling and passed testing. One pasta production line was sent to Morroco. It is mainly used to produce macaroni, and its capacity is 200kg/h, which is a medium capacity of our machines. 80kg/h-300kg/h's capacities are all available. Another one is sent Botswana, and it is mainly used for processing spaghetti. It is a new type of spaghetti machine for industrial use. The new spaghetti production line adopts many innovations, so it is not only smarter but also saves time and space. It is also has a long working life. Both the 2 pasta production lines can produce macaroni, spaghetti, etc of various pasta just by changing some parts.

industrial pasta machine