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We come back to work after the holiday

snacks machine, pet food plant, fish feed production equipment, artificial rice machine, soy protein maker, bread crumbs machine supplier, degradable filler making equipment  DATE:2021/02/19

Hello, dear friends, I am glad to see you again! We just ended our Spring Festival holiday, and now we are back to work. 

Now I will report to you what we did during the holiday. We held the company's annual meeting the day before the holiday. In addition to commending and awarding outstanding employees, we also performed many shows, and there were many interesting games interspersed among them, everyone was very happy. During the holiday, we spend most of our time enjoying the happy reunion with our family. The family makes dumplings, watches TV shows, goes shopping, enjoys the beautiful scenery and so on. In the new year, I wish you all success in your work and good luck! 

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At the same time, please don’t forget to ask us if you have any needs. Jinan Sunward Machinery are a professional manufacture of snack machine, pet food machine. Our production line can produce puffed snacks, fried snacks, bread crumbs, textured soy protein, nutritional rice, kurkure, edible rice drinking straw, degradable foam packing peanuts, dog food, fish feed, etc.