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Modified starch machines and fortified rice plant shipping

Russian client, dog food plant, pet food machine, modifiend starch processiong line, Thailand instant rice maker, nutritional rice equioment, fortified rice machine, edible rice drinking straw making machine  DATE:2021/02/23

Today's equipment is the first shipment sent overseas after the Chinese New Year. There are 2 production lines, one production line for modified starch is sent to Russia, and the other production line for artificial rice is sent to Thailand.

modified starch production line

Russia and China have enjoyed very good political and economic relations in recent years, which has greatly promoted the trade between our two countries, so more and more customers are cooperating with us. Our dog food plant, snack machine, and our new product environmentally friendly edible drink straw machine are very popular in Russia. Besides, the modified starch equipment can not only produce modified starch for a wide range of industrial uses but also can be used to produce nutritional powder for babies' food.
Thailand is also our important partner. As Thailand is rich in rice, our man-made rice equipment can use rice as raw material to process more nutritious and nutritious rice. The broken rice can also be reprocessed into intact rice. Instant rice is also processed by our equipment. Instant rice is a kind of rice that can be cooked and eaten within a few minutes. It is convenient and nutritious and has a market space no less than instant noodles.