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Fortified rice plants are shipped to India almost every day

fortified rice plant, nutrition rice machine, fortified rice machine, fortified rice production line, artificial rice making machine, rice fortification plant, frk plant, fortified rice extruder  DATE:2021/08/21

Due to the recent busy schedule, the news hasn't been updated in time, so I apologize to friends who want to watch our company news. Thanks to the love of Indian customers, the company has recently been busy selling and production of fortified rice plants. Due to the high quality of our company's products and the reasonable price, also with the recommendation of a large number of Indian users, our company's fortified rice machines are very popular in the Indian market. In order to better serve Indian customers, we have distributors in India and established an Indian-based after-sales service team.

fortified rice machines shipping

Our company has strong strength. Normally, there are more than 1,000 machines in stock, but this year, the inventory is almost 0, because all the equipment in the factory has been bought by customers. The factory now has 16-hour shifts a day, and more than 80 workers work in two shifts. As workers produce day and night, the lead time of the current order is not like a few months ago. The delivery date of the order can be controlled within 2 weeks, even for some models of machines already have inventory. However, our shipping department is still very busy, and a large number of artificial rice machines are sent to India almost every day.