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Fortified Nutrition Rice Plant Designed For India


Fortified rice introduction:

Nutritionally fortified rice is finished rice made by adding some nutrients that are lacking or specially needed by the human body to ordinary rice. The nutritional fortification of rice contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Nutrient-enriched rice makes the rice nutrition more balanced, can guarantee consumers' basic nutritional needs including micronutrients, and gradually control and eliminate the two major malnutritions, insufficient nutritional intake and nutritional imbalance.

Our company's special policy for the Indian market:

Now, thanks to the support of the Indian government, the upsurge of fortified rice has started in India. As one of the main suppliers of the nutritionally fortified rice plant, our company's orders for fortified rice equipment have skyrocketed recently. Our company opened a green channel specifically for Indian customers, in order to serve Indian customers better: 

1. Specially designed production line plans for Indian customers. 

2. prioritized the production of Indian customer orders, and controlled the lead time within 2 weeks. 

3. provided local after-service for Indian customers, etc.


Nutrition rice production line is based on food nutritional demand and advanced technology. It is fit for modern enterprise. It has the advantages of high automatic and saving energy. The production line can use various grains such as rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat, as raw materials, add various vitamins, proteins and minerals for processing, squeeze, mature and shape in an extruder to regenerate new fortified rice, Golden rice, buckwheat rice, konjak rice, etc. 

Fortified rice production line:

fortified rice production line

Flow chart:

Grinder---Mixer---Screw conveyor---Rice extruder---Vibrating screen---Air conveyor---Dryer---Cooling Conveyor


Some machines of the production line:


fortified rice machines

The pictures just for reference, contact us for accurate solution and quotation.


Fortified rice plant in our Indian client's rice factory

Technical Parameters:

 Model  EXT100  TSE70-R  TSE75-R  TSE78-R  TSE95-R
 Installed Power  112kw  130kw  190kw  210kw  240kw
 Capacity  80-100kg/h  120-200kg/h 400-500kg/h  600-800kg/h 800-1000kg/h
 Dimension  21×1.3×2.2m  22×1.5×2.2m  25×1.8×2.6m  30×2.0×2.6m  35×2.2×2.8m

Samples of fortified rice:

fortified nutrition rice

Core machine testing: 

The exquisite rice is produced by the TSE75 extruder with a strong aroma of rice


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What else can be made by this production line:


Puffed snacks                                          Textured soya proteins                             artificial dal lentils

snacks          soy protein              dal                                                                                               

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