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Bread croutons made by one of our clients in Kazakhstan

crouton production line, bread slice machine, bread crispy plant, bread chip equipment, snack machine  DATE:2022/01/07
These are 2 photos of bread croutons made with our company’s equipment sent by a client in Kazakhstan some time ago. In April last year, the customer purchased a 70-model bread slice production line, which was successfully installed with the help of our technical engineers. The designed output of this production line is 300kg/h, but the initial output is only more than 200kg/h. The customer was a little dissatisfied, but after the guidance of our technical staff and the constant exploration of the customer, not only did the output gradually increase, but the quality of the product was getting better and better. Some time ago, the sales manager chatted with the client. The client said that the output had reached the designed output. He was very satisfied and sent the picture of bread crispies he had just produced. In addition to the production of bread slices, this production line can also produce puffed snacks. 

bread croutons

The situation in Kazakhstan has not been very stable recently, and I hope everyone there can survive this period safely.