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Our pet food machines running in a New Caledonian cat food factory

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This is a pet food factory in New Caledonia. 2 small-scale pet food production lines are producing dog food and cat food, each with an output of 300kg/h. Although they are small production lines, but they are fully equipped. From raw material processing systems, extrusion systems, drying systems, cooling systems to packaging machines, everything is available. The raw material processing system can process meat, bones, etc. into suitable state, and mix with grain flour, etc. into suitable raw materials. The packaging machine adopts an automatic granule packaging machine, which can be packaged into bags of different sizes according to requirements. Because the pet food produced is very popular, the client is preparing to expand the production capacity and purchase another large-scale production line. The output per hour of the large production line can reach 3500kg/h. Not only pet food, but also fish feed, etc. can be produced. The production line with large output will adopt a vertical layout, which saves more floor space. The video of the pet food production line working in the customer's factory.