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2022 start auspicious

snack machine manufacturer, pet food plant, fish feed production line, rice exruder  DATE:2022/02/07
Today is February 7, 2022, the seventh day of the Chinese lunar new year. Today is a good day to start work in Chinese tradition, so many companies choose to go to work today, and we also started work today. Looking back on 2021, there are sacrifices and gains. What we pay is to provide customers with professional pre-sale and after-sale services, to complete the orders given to us by customers with quality and quantity, and what we gain is the trust of customers and more orders. Here, thank you new and old customers for their trust and feedback. Your trust is the driving force of our work, and your feedback and opinions are the coordinates of our continuous improvement of our products and services. It is with your strong support that we were able to complete the shipment of 502 extruders of various types and 187 food and  feed production lines throughout the year. These include fish feed production line, dog food production line, puffed food production line, fortified rice production line, bread crumb production line, corn flake production line, edible rice straw production line, degradable packaging peanut production line, soy protein production line, pasta production line, nutrition powder and modified starch production line, etc.
In the new year, we will make persistent efforts. Your needs and problems are our responsibilities and missions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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