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Another fortified rice production line was sent to India yesterday.

frk plant, fortified rice machine in India, rice extruder machine, fortified nutrition rice, rice machine manufacturer, fortified rice production line  DATE:2022/02/16

 fortified rice production line configuration

This is a fortified rice production line with 4 sets of TSE70 rice extruders. Configuring multiple rice extruders in a production line like this can increase output while reducing some equipment and reducing costs. Take this production line with 4 TSE70 rice extruders as an example. Its output is the same as 4 ordinary TSE70 rice production lines (about 800kg/h), but 4 ordinary rice production lines require 4 dryers and 4 air conveyors and 4 cooling conveyors, but the number of these equipment in this production line is only one. Therefore, saving 3 dryers, 3 air conveyors and 3 cooling conveyors can save a large part of the cost, while also reducing electricity consumption and floor space. Not only that, the Model TSE70 extruder is also a multifunctional extruder, in addition to producing fortified rice, it can also produce puffed snacks, corn flakes, bread crumbs, dog food and fish feed, etc. This is also the reason why many customers like to choose the 70 type extruder.


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