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3 days holiday for Dragon Boat Festival

3 days holiday for Dragon Boat Festival  DATE:2022/06/02

Chinese traditional festival Dragon Boat Festival is coming again, we will take 3 days off to spend this festival. Enjoying delicious rice dumplings and dragon boat races are the hallmarks of the Dragon Boat Festival, and we also take this opportunity to travel. I also hope that all new and old customers can work smoothly and live happily!

Our holiday time is: Beijing time 2022.06.03 - 2022.06.05.

Dragon Boat Festival

During this period, if you have any purchase consultation or after-sales questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will continue to provide warm service to new and old customers. During the holiday period, we may not reply in time, please understand. In case of emergency, please call: +8618865912025