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A small-scale dog food production line is sent to Georgia

dog food production line, pet food processing line, cat food machine, dog food plant, fish feed manufacturing equipment  DATE:2022/05/07
Today a small production dog food production line is sent to Georgia. This is a dog food production line with an output of 100-150kg/h. The entire production line consists of a mixer, a screw feeder, a pet food extruder, an air conveyor, an oven, an elevator, a seasoning machine and a packaging machine.
dog food machine
The powder mixer is used to process the raw materials; the screw feeder is used to transport the processed raw materials to the extruder; under the action of high temperature and high pressure of the extruder, the raw materials have completed the killing of harmful bacteria and the maturing of the raw materials , and shape it into a specific shape through the die mouth, and then cut it into a specific size by a cutter according to the needs, and the dog food is basically formed. At this time, the dog food also contains a high amount of moisture, and the hoist is required to send these squishy dog food to the oven for baking. Baked dog food is completely set and can be stored for a long time. At this time, there is still the last step, and a seasoning machine is needed to spray the seasoning on the dog food, so that the delicious dog food is processed. Send the dog food to the packaging machine and pack it into a suitable bag for sale. Packaging machines include automatic packaging machines and semi-automatic packaging machines. If the customer's budget is limited, manual packaging can also be used for small production lines.

dog food production line

In addition, there are a bone crusher and a Meat Colloid Mill mill, which are used to process animal bones and meat or offal into small particles, which are added to the raw materials to increase the protein content of dog food.