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Fish feed plant with the output of 1500kg/h sent to Tanzania

fish feed plant, fish feed production line, fish feed making machine, fish food machine, fish feed manufacturing equipment  DATE:2022/08/01

Today,a fish feed plant was sent to Tanzania. It only took 29 days from the customer's confirmation of the order to the completion and final acceptance of the entire fish feed production line required by the customer today. The 29-day delivery time is neither long nor short. Because, this is not our shortest delivery time. If it is a conventional configuration, the shortest delivery time of a production line can be controlled at about 2 weeks. However, if it is a special configuration, such as a motor that is not commonly used by customers, the delivery time may take 40-50 days, which is mainly affected by the arrival time of unconventional parts.

fish feed making machine

This production line ordered by a customer in Tanzania is a complete production line from raw material processing to fish feed packaging. 

fish feed dryer

The whole production line includes pulverizer, powder mixer, screw feeder, fish feed extruder, vibrating screen, air blower, fish feed oven, automatic seasoning line, cooler and packaging machine. This production line can produce 1 ton to 1.5 tons of fish feed per hour. Our company will design reasonable fish feed formula for customers according to customers' requirements and local raw materials. The diameter range of fish feed is 0.5mm-15mm, so, no matter adult fish feed, fish fry feed or shrimp feed all can be produced. In addition, it is very convenient to produce floating fish feed or sinking fish feed only by adjusting the parameters of the fish feed extruder and changing the die. Not only that, this production line can also produce dog food, cat food and other pet food.

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