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Another 2 medium-scale fortified rice production line shipped today.

artificial rice machine, puffed snack plant, baked snack equipment, seasoning machine, snack maker  DATE:2022/08/20

Another 2 medium-scale fortified rice production line shipped today. This is the most popular fortified rice production equipment in the Indian market at present, with a moderate output (400kg/h), the appearance of the fortified rice that made by the equipment can be the same as that of natural rice, and it can also produce puffed snacks, pet food, etc.

Artificial rice machines

The recipients of these Artificial rice machines are our old customers in India. Since India began to demand  fortified rice, the customer compared a large number of fortified rice equipment suppliers and finally chose us. Customers say that, compared with many suppliers, their rice equipment is either of poor quality or overpriced. Only we have the strength and sincerity, come up with the best products, but the price is very reasonable. Some suppliers boast that their machines are perfect, and the output of models with the same configuration is much higher than that of their peers, but the actual situation is very different. This kind of behavior is false promise in sales, and the end result will only be a one-shot deal. Then find another target and continue to deceive. But over time, more people were deceived, and their bad word of mouth spread, and in the end, they cut off their own way.

fortified rice extruder

Be an honest and trustworthy manufacturer and make good  products . After a long time, a good reputation will spread.