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Puff Snacks Extruder Machine Manufacturing Bicolor Corn Siticks/Fingers/Corn Balls

puff snack extruder,bicolor snack making,pet food machine,tow-colored snacks processing line,snack extruder machine  DATE:2022/12/30

This is our newly developed snack extruder that was producing double-color puff snacks. It is a multiple-screw extruder that not only can manufacture dual-colored snacks, but the productive capacity is double or even more compared with an ordinary twin-screw snack extruder. In the past, colorful snacks are mixed with different single-color snacks. Now, this new snack machine can manufacture 2 color snacks at one time(one snack with 2 colors or 2 snacks with different colors available). In addition, it can also produce pet food such as dog food, cat food, and fish feed, and no doubt the pet food can be made in two colors too.

bicolor snacks