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A fortified rice production line consisting of a dozen fortified rice machines was sent to India yesterday

frk plant, fortified rice machine, artificial rice extruder, nutrition rice making machine, instant rice machine, rice fortification machine  DATE:2023/01/07

This artificial rice production line is a medium production line with 3 model TSE70 small artificial rice extruders . The output of each TSE70 rice extruder is 150-200kg/h, so the output of the whole production line is the sum of the output of the three rice extruders, which is 450-600kg/h. The reason why the output is a range is because Raw material and product standards can affect yield. Many customers who have seen our artificial rice equipment information will wonder why customers do not choose a TSE75 rice extruder which output can reach 400-500kg/h or a TSE78 rice extruder with a higher output, but choose 3 TSE70 small rice extruders. This is because of the following reasons: First, the price reason. Since TSE75 and above food extruder models are high-end models, the price of one TSE75 extruder is higher than the price of three TSE70 extruders. The second point is that if the customer wants to make a variety of products, then three TSE70 food extruders can produce different products at the same time, but if TSE75 wants to produce different products, it can only wait for one product to be produced before producing another. Of course, TSE75 extruder has many advantages that TSE70 extruder does not have, including touch screen control system, well-known brand gear box, square barrel + high-strength screw with alloy sleeve, etc. The performance of the TSE75 extruder is better and the life is longer.

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