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4 medium capacity TSE75 frk plant rice extruders sent to India

frk plant, fortified rice machine, artificial rice extruder, nutrition rice making machine, instant rice machine, rice fortification machine  DATE:2023/01/14

The Spring Festival, the most important festival in China, is coming soon, and many logistics companies will be on holiday, so the logistics department of our company has been busy delivering goods recently, trying to send out all the finished equipment, so that customers can use the ordered machinery and equipment as soon as possible.

frk plant

Sent puffed snack making machines to Peru on Monday, sent a medium-capacity dog food production line to India on Tuesday, sent kurkure machines to South Africa on Wednesday, sent 2 fortified rice production lines including 2 sets of TSE75 rice extruders to India yesterday, and today sent 2 sets of TSE75  Rice extruders to India again. Recently, many Indian customers are looking for ready for ship machines, and the delivery is particularly urgent. For the requirements of customers, we meet them one by one. We have a large number of complete machines and accessories in stock, and a large number of skilled workers. If you have stock machines or urgent delivery needs, please feel free to contact us.