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5 artificial fortified nutritional rice production line sent to India

frk, fortified rice machine, fortified rice plant, nutrition rice production line, food extruder machine  DATE:2023/09/01

Today, 5 artificial nutritional rice production lines have been completed and passed the inspection of the quality inspection department, and were loaded into containers for shipment. These five artificial rice production lines are production lines with medium and large output, and the output of each production line is 600-800kg/h. Each production line is equipped with a TSE78 artificial rice extruder (the extruder is the core equipment of this production line and plays a major role in determining the output and product quality of the entire production line). The remaining machines include a mixer, a screw conveyor, a vibrating screen, an air conveyor, an oven and a cooling conveyor.

fortified rice making machines

TSE78 Nutrition Rice Extruder is a multi-functional food extruder. In addition to producing artificial rice, it can also produce various snacks such as corn sticks, cheese balls, core filling snacks, crispy rice, Doritos chips, Bugles, etc. Snacks, pet food such as dog food, cat food, fish feed, and food such as bread crumbs, nutritional powder, pasta, etc.

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