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An instant rice production line was installed successfully in a Chinese client’s factory

frk plant, fortified rice machine, artificial rice extruder, nutrition rice making machine, instant rice machine, rice fortification machine  DATE:2023/09/09

This is a small-scale instant nutrition rice production line in a Chinese client's factory that was just installed successfully by our after-sales engineers. Video of the rice processing line working(will watch on Youtube)

 The capacity of this production line is about 150 kg/h. Instant rice is one of the instant foods Its main raw material is rice or other grain flour and some nutrients, undergo extrusion in a rice extruder and drying and baking in ovens then cooling in a cooling conveyor, finally processing into the articial rice. It can be cooked within 5 minutes, so it is not only rnutrious but also very convient like instant noodles.

instant rice production line

The machines of this production line contain a mixer, a rice extruder, a screw conveyor,2 elevors, an electric dryer, a microwave dryer and a cooling machine.