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Ethiopia fried snack Bugle Doritos chips production equipment

snack food production line,snack making machine,snack maker,snack manufacturing plant,food extruder,Ethiopia  DATE:2023/09/15

Our Ethiopian customer factory has just installed and debugged a new small snack production line, which is designed to produce a wide variety of snacks. This includes popular items such as Bugles, Doritos,and 3D snacks,as well as crispy rice snacks. The production line has a production capacity of approximately 260kg/h and is capable of using a variety of grain flour as the main raw material. This allows us to produce a wide range of snacks to meet the diverse needs of our customers. The new production line has been carefully designed and installed to ensure that it operates efficiently and produces high-quality snacks. Our after-sales engineers have conducted thorough testing and debugging to ensure that the line is operating at its full potential. 

Bugle snack production line

Video of this production line working in our Ethiopian client's factory (Will watch on Youtube).

This production line's machinery consists of a mixer,a snack extruder,a screw conveyor,a vibrating screen,two elevators,a continuous fryer,a vibrating deoiling machine,a flavoring machine,and a cooling machine. The mixer is used to blend and mix the ingredients for the various products being produced. The screw conveyor transports the raw materials from mixer to the extruder. The snack extruder is responsible for extruding and maturing raw matrials and shaping them into basic shape. The vibrating screen is used to separate stacked products that just been produced from extruder. The two elevators are used to transport the products. The continuous fryer is responsible for frying snacks. The vibrating deoiling machine is used to remove surplus oil from the fried snacks. The flavoring machine is responsible for adding flavor to the fried snacks. The cooling machine is used to cool the snack products before they are packaged.