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Corn flakes production line testing

cornflakes, froot loops,breakfast cereal,cocoa puffs,snack making machine,corn flakes machine,snack food production line  DATE:2023/10/27

This is our cornflakes production line that was producing cornflakes as a test item before delivery to our Russian client. Video of the cornflakes production line working (Will watch on YouTube). In addition to produce cornflakes, it can also make froot loops, cocoa puffs, snacks such as corn sticks, cheeseballs, core filling snacks, etc.

cornflakes production line

Due to it is only tested, so some machines were not shown in the video. The whole production line will include a mixer, a screw extruder, a food extruder, 2 vibrating screens, an air conveyor, 2 air conveyors, a flaking machine, a low-temperature dryer, 2 hoisters, a high-temperature dryer, a flavoring machine, a climbing dryer and a cooling conveyor. A packing machine can be chosen as an optional configuration.