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Congo kurkure cheetos nik naks production line

kurkure machine,kurkure production line,kurkure extruder,nik naks processing line  DATE:2024/01/12

This is a corn curl production line that is producing kurkure in a Congo client's factory(Will watch the video on Youtube). From the raw material to the finished products, the production line can finish them automatically. The core machine of this production line is a kurkure extruder. It can adopt corn grits as the raw material, so it is very convenient. 

kurkure production line

Other main machines also involve a continuous frying machine, a vibrating machine, a flavoring machine, and a cooling machine. There will be a packaging machine at the end of the production line. In addition, this is a fried-type production line, if want to produce roast-type kurkure, an electric dryer will replace the frying machine.