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Nik Naks Kurkure Processing Line



Kurkure/ Cheetos are special extruded snacks with crunchy and great taste. They are made by a special extrusion process. The corn grits are moisturized in the flour mixed with water and fed to the Rotary Head Extruder. Due to the two rotary plates, corn grits are squeezed and twisted to curls shapes. The cutting knifes can cut into required lengths. The Kurkure/ Cheetos can be fried in cooking oil or toasted in oven and then cooled before flavoring. Seasoning is sprayed on the surface to achieve different favorable tastes. Due to the delicious flavors and nutrition, it is quite popular with consumers.


  1. Raw materials: adopts corn grits as raw materials. 

  2. Products: The production lines are dedicated to produce cheetos/kurkure/nik naks snacks.

  3. Capacity: 100--150kg/h

  4. Flow chart:

  Mixing system---Extrusion system----Baking system (Frying System) ---Flavoring system---Packing system

  5. Voltage in China: Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single phase: 220V/50Hz, we can make it according to customers' Local voltage according to           different countries

  6. Machines Materials: All the machines are made by stainless steel


Technical Parameter:

 Model  Type  Installed Power  Output  Dimension
EXT76   Frying  85kw  100-150kg/h  21×1.8×2.1m
EXT76   Roasting  80kw  100-150kg/h  18×1.8×2.1m


Video of kurkure production line working in our Congo client's factory:


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