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Participate Food Expo in Luohe City, China

snack machine, snacks, snack machine factory, Jinan Sunward, Expo  DATE:2024/05/25

Recently, the 21st (Luohe) Food Expo was held as scheduled at the Luohe International Convention and Exhibition Center in Henan Province. Our company is a long-term partner of this exhibition and will participate in almost every session.


This year our company also participated in the exhibition with many new products and hot-selling products. Unsurprisingly, our three-screw food extruder and two-color snack production equipment have once again attracted the attention of many food companies who want to improve their product competitiveness. Three-screw food extruders are favored by everyone for their multiple functions and high production efficiency; two-color snack production equipment is sought after by many food production companies for producing colorful snacks. 


In addition, our company's various snack production equipment, nutritional powder production equipment, nutritional rice production equipment, bread crumb production equipment, and edible straws and tableware production equipment with twin-screw food extruders as the host machine have also been favored by many customers.


In addition, we also saw some of our company's cooperative customers at the exhibition, bringing their company's products to the exhibition. It's great to see our customers do better and bigger.