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Three-screw extruder


As the name suggests, the three-screw extruder is an extrusion device composed of three screws and a barrel, which is equivalent to the core part of an extruder and determines the production efficiency and use range of the extruder. From single-screw extruders to twin-screw extruders to triple-screw extruders, the performance and output of extruders continue to improve. The three-screw extruder is divided into parallel arrangement and triangular arrangement according to the arrangement of screws. The three screws arranged in parallel will form two meshing surfaces and the three screws arranged in a triangle will form three meshing surfaces. The technical difficulty increases step by step, and the production efficiency also increases exponentially. The three-screw extruder produced by our company belongs to the latter, that is, the three screws are arranged in a triangular shape.

tri-screw extruder

Tri-screw extruder in our factory

food extruder

Features of Three-screw Extruder:

1. High output and low energy consumption.

2. The two screws of the twin-screw extruder form one meshing surface, while the three screws of the three-screw extruder form three meshing surfaces, that is, the meshing area of the screws of a three-screw extruder is equivalent to three sets of the same power twin-screw extrudersscrew meshing area, so the extrusion efficiency and shearing efficiency is high, and its output is twice that of the twin-screw extruder with the same power. To produce the same quantity of products, the cost of manpower, space, etc. is doubled reduced. And it saves energy because the power of the main motor, heating coil and other components is reduced.The gearbox has a long life

Compared with the inside of the double-screw gearbox, the inside of the three-screw gearbox has one more force point, the force area of the gearbox increases, and the corresponding pressure decreases, thereby prolonging the life of the gearbox.

3. Self-cleaning function

The machine has an automatic cleaning function, and the waste in the barrel can be cleaned without removing the screw when the machine is stopped.

4.Other characteristics:

The main machine adopts advanced frequency converter speed regulation technology, which makes the equipment powerful, runs more smoothly and saves electricity.

The screw is treated with alloy steel nitriding, the life of the screw is longer, and the individual equipment adopts the building block combination structure, which can be combined arbitrarily according to different needs.

Forced lubrication system to ensure a longer life of the transmission part of the equipment.


For making pet food

 Model  Installed Power  Main Motor Power  Capacity  Dimension
 TSE65-III  58kw  45kw  300kg/h  2480x800x1300mm

For making puffed snacks

 Model   Installed Power   Main Motor Power  Capacity  Dimension
  TSE65-III 58kw  45kw  250kg/h  2480x800x1300mm


Sample products made by tri-screw extruder:

extrusion food

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